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The Pregnant Athlete Training Program

A well-rounded program for pregnancy with workouts for each week appropriate for your changing body

4 workouts per week (70+ workouts total)

36 weeks of programming

​Workout calendar

Strength, metabolic conditioning, and endurance workouts

Demonstration videos for each movement

​BONUS: At-Home Version Included

Equipment needed: You will want access to a full gym setup for this program.

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The Pregnant Athlete At Home Program

The home based version of our popular gym program.

3-4 workouts per week (50+ workouts total)

32 weeks of programming

​Workout calendar

​Demonstration videos for each movement

​BONUS: Glute bootcamp workout finishers

Equipment needed: Dumbbells, Resistance Band, Kettlebell

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8 Week Postpartum Training Program

A rehab + strength program to help you rebuild postpartum.

3 Workouts per week

​5 Bonus conditioning workouts 

​Detailed downloadable PDF guide

​Demonstration videos for all exercises, including voiceover coaching

Overview coaching video on how to approach exercise in this chapter of fitness

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General Strength & Conditioning


The Practice Brave Fitness Program

A monthly strength & conditioning program for before, between, and beyond babies.

30 Minute Workouts, 3 Days a week

​Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Coaching Videos to help you adapt the program when managing diastasis, prolapse, or incontinence

Workouts accessed in Wodify app

​Video demos for each exercise

​Barbell or limited equipment programming included

​Access to real-time coaching and a supportive community

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Coaches & Practitioners

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Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Coaching Certification

The Gold Standard, Evidence Based, Coaching Certification for Coaches + Practitioners who work with Pregnant + Postpartum Athletes

10 Coaching Modules

​45 Day Suggested Completion Guide

​30+ Expert Interviews

​20+ Templates, Graphics, & Downloadable Resources

​126 Page Printable Course Book

Dozens of Movement Demonstrations for Pregnancy & Postpartum

​Active facebook Group for Ongoing Support and Collaborations